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The "Specmash" join stock company, a special design office incorporated in 1932 at the premises of St Petersburg-based Kirov Works and engaged ever since in transport mechanical engineering, has up till now operated as a leader developer and manufacturer of armoured and artillery materiel, 'energy-saturated' dual-use engineer vehicles and a range of other scientifically intricate and intensive transport and special vehicles.

Integral parts to the Specmash, PC are a design office, research division and labs, and a pilot-production plant with both testing tools and area of its own. All types of activities of and by the Specmash have been duly licensed and certified.

Presently, the Specmash, PC boasts up-to-date design&technology, trial&research and production facilities.

Since 1968, the company has developed and provided for line-production by the industry involved manufacturers of the following items adopted by the Russian army:

  • the T-80, T-80R, T-80RV, T-80U tanks;
  • the Pion and Malka self-propelled gun mounts, the S-300V antiaircraft missile package, the Ladoga highly protected vehicle, the K-21 multi-purpose self-propelled carrier;
  • the UDM-2 multi-purpose road-maker;
  • the TMK-3 and BTM-MМ trench-makers.
The products developed, piloted and tested during the transitional industrial conversion period, are the following:
  • 12 types of the Kirovets-industrial-tractor-based road building vehicles;
  • 60 to 160-ton load capable mobile gasser-oiler drilling and overhaul stations;
  • the 80-ton capable SGK-80R highly mobile tracked crane;
  • the SM-100 self-propelled tracked vehicle.

As the principal developer and holder of original design and construction documents, the Specmash, PC provides a number of the industry-engaged manufacturers and Russian Ministry of Defence repair factories with the design packages and as-built documentation they need.

More than 500 inventor certificates and 41 patents obtained by the Specmash, PC, bear witness to high quality, advanced technical level and novelty of the company's developments.

Since 1932, number of items designed the company's design office, has grown to reach 142 pieces, of which 74 have been serial-produced. 18 developments were awarded State prizes and awards.

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